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Shed Hunting anyone?

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anyone having any luck picking up any sheds yet? i have 2 moose horns so far. i know it is still early for deer but i have found a few when i lived in NH in the first week of january. this might be an interesting ongoing thread to see what everyone has found. strings
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I was at camp this week end and stopped by a feeding spot for deer. I saw several nice bucks 7 to 11 pointers. I do not think the deer have dropped yet, I only saw track soup for Moose.
A good buddy of mine has pictures of deer going to his feeder in NH. Last Friday 6 different bucks had their horns and by Sunday only 2 still had them on . I went out yesterday for a few hours but nothing yet . Here is a set I found in lebanon ME.
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Nice set of antlers!

I have a spike on camera that has lost one side as of last thursday.
Setting out my Horn catchers in a week......mesh netting from a cargo net held out and around bucket of grain. Deer eats grain...gets horns tangled in netting ....horns drop in net.....BNR gets horns. Made my own after I saw it in magazine. Be sure you strap bucket to tree..... or deer will walk off with the whole business!!
What happens if the antlers are not loose yet? Sometimes they don't drop until March!

Could it be a giant buck gets caught and the coyotes eat what they want and leave the LIVE animal to suffer?
Or two or more smaller bucks come in and get tangled, then start poking each others eyes out trying to escape?
I believe IF&W would consider that a trap but land trapping is done for the year.....

I guess Aroostook county has plenty of bucks so now where do you stand on this moritorium?

the best way i have found to collect sheds at a feeder location is to put up 3 foot high snow fence in a circle around the feed. make the circle big enough so multiple deer can be in there and feed .20 foot or so across works for me. when a buck with horns ready,or close to ready to shed jumps into the area guess what happens to the horns on the way in or out. the shock of hitting the ground pops them off slick as a whistle without tangleling them up if they arent ready yet. pairs are very common with this trick. strings
Never had a buck get that tangled.........netting too weak and stretchy.....just offers resistance to help horns drop.......wouldn't use it if it could do any harm !!!

Captain.....always full of ...... good vibrations.

Like fence idea...captain would not approve...might be trap?
Someone told me just use a spare tire. Bait the center and they will hang up one the inside of the rim.
In an effort not to come off as a hypocrite........ i have elected to retire my antler collection equipment.......the wife wanted her pails back anyway.
Here's a way that seems safe and has worked for me...well, it has once so far. Take 6 or 8 pieces or re-bar about 4 ft long each and drive them into the ground until snug in the shape of a triangle like this (V). Put your feed to the tight part of the triangle. Deer bends down, antlers hit rebar, hopefully drop off. If he's not ready yet, no harm done. I got a MONSTER PA 3-point shed last year. I would guess this one side would score around 18" B&C. LOL The system really does work though!
Think I'll just stay near my house........ might trip over a snow fense or some rebar......... just not too safe out there any more..........
i have found a couple of big deer antlers and a big moose shed...
I'm glad to hear someone is finding sheds because I have been hiking many miles around numerous Deer & Moose without finding any dropped horns. I saw 3 big bull Moose together with a cow on the last day of firearm season and have scoured the area ever since, no luck. The Moose are still there and my opinion is that all 6 horns dropped off into one nice pile, just dreaming. Sorry to vent but I guess if I keep trudging something will turn up??:crazy:
I saw buck last year with racks all the way until the end of March!!
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