Shooting in an Ammo shortage

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by aroostookbasser, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. How are you getting around the severe shortage of affordable ammo?

    What guns are you shooting and why?

    Have you returned to your BB gun...slingshot...or archery?
  2. Still shooting the 10-22 occasionally but I have always kept .22 ammo in excess of 10k rounds.
    That reminds me though, I still have to pick up another 2-dozen arrows for the apocalypse...
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  3. Heard about an outfit trying to create a reloader for 22LR' that would be a game changer!
  4. As stated in the "Best coyote gun" post; Got my Savage .17HMR...tons of that round to be found. Ive got a few hundred here at the house as it is. Also got myself a Hi-point ST40 chambered in .40 S&W...great little home defense platform and with it in .40 S&W there is a huge amount of ammo for that out there as well.

    As for my .308, 8mm Mauser and shotgun loads Ive started to hand load those. Looking to upgrade my setup as I burn through 12G rounds like candy.