Should archers get first dibs on expanded moose permits?

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  1. Do you think moose should be added to the expanded archery list?

    Specifically in those areas where they pose the greatest safety risk.

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    I'm for it. In areas where there's a risk due to a large number of people in close confines, it's been proven that archery is one of the best ways to control population. That said, I think most areas with a large population of moose have a corresponding lack of houses.
  3. I agree with Canerod on the subject of the most moose problems are in places without houses. If the state issued permits to bow hunters in an expanded zone, they would have problems with other special interest groups, who would feel left out.
  4. But the state is currently seeking archers to use for these issues with reguard to seems logical that it will be also done with other species.

    Or......a bonus permit for successful hunters in areas with moose issues?
  5. What makes a bowhunter better than or more qualified to hunt moose?

    AB, you should understand something, I have applied for a moose permit every year since 1980...the first moose hunting season since 1940!
    I have NEVER been drawn for a permit. My wife has, but not me.

    Meanwhile wardens, friends of wardens, legislators and their friends and families, and the highest bidders at the annual moose auctions have all taken their moose and many have had multiple chances at it!

    That being said, what on Gods green earth makes you think that ANYONE who can buy a bow and complete the safety course (whether they can shoot it or not) deserves to step in front of ME in this line of semi-patient people?
    Why does ANYONE get permit after permit every third year when there are folks who have NEVER RECIEVED A PERMIT?

    Preferential treatment because of what you hunt with? OK, I want my own special permit to hunt only bull moose with a spear! And don't friggin' bet I won't get one!

    For $600 I can go to Quebec and kill two moose but that is not the point. I live in maine and have for over 40 year. I shouldn't have to go to a forein country to hunt something that lives outside my kitchen window!
  6. I have never been drawn either.........maybe this year?????
  7. This year is my turn!
    I got me a high profile subpermitee this time, that should make me a shoe-in. :D