Should Crossbows be used during bow season?

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  1. If the crossbow is now legal.......should it be used during the bow season or the firearm season?
  2. If someone wants to use a crossbow during archary season that would be fine for me or rifle season.We all need to stand up for each other regardless if we care for a certain type of hunting,trapping,or fishing.

  3. That question has caused many battles amongst bow hunters and crossbow enthusiests...

    My opinion is that it should be allowed during archery ...muzzleloader ... and rifle season.

    It is a joke that NH and Maine allow the use only during the firearm season...

    Is it a firearm?

    I consider it a primative weapon as is a bow or muzzleloader.

    Even thought the new modernized devices aren't the primative weapons they use to be.

    We need to stick together and get more people involved in the outdoors...

    Hunting is losing ground to video games and other interests for our kids.

    Stand by ,and in another generation, there might be no hunting.
  4. One of my best friends is a certified instructor with the MDIFW and assures me that any bowman worth his arrow can outshoot a crossbow any day of the week. If that is true....and a crossbow is less accurate and effective than a modern compound as MDIFW has tested and found them to be..... why are we debating this.... let the crossbows join the hunt during bow season and get more hunters in the field. you think the ladies can match the men in draw length and pulls. Why not let our slighter hunters share in the bow bounty and help control these out of whack populations.
  5. LOL.... that's a different angle!!

    Usually crossbow enthusiests are called lazy and everything else.

    It's the first time I've heard someone say they weren't accurate... that's funny too.

    I agree it would allow for more women and kids to get involved.... wouldn't that be nice.
  6. No, no, no. Firearm season only please.
  7. Sorry..a crossbow belongs with rifles like muzzleloaders belong with bows. In recent years great effort has been made to get black powder the same rights in the expanded zones as bows. Sorry, get real or get lost. Bows are a stick and a string. Crossbow..stick and a string with a stock. A bow is a bow.. and a gun is a gun. The rest is BS and we all know it.

    This elitest attitude about archery is like the flyguy telling the wormer he has no right to fish. Lets stick together....... or be divided for easier conquest. These divisions are childish and selfish !!!!


    Remember the tradition you save could be your own.
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    I think what little discussion there has been on the issue of crossbows hasn't been to ban or outlaw the weapon but to find its right place.
  9. AB, you made a point that concerns me with crossbows. To many people think they can just pick one up and go shoot like a ifle. I feel that the general attitude of would be xbow users is going to create enormous amounts of wounded deer. I have nothing against the bow. Its the general ideas that they are easier to use.

    your point about woman and draw lenght and poundage has no merit here what so ever. The minimum poundage that Maine has set is more than adequete to kill a deer if they are capable shooters.
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  10. ok, you all have good points! a crossbow is a deadly weapon as is a rifle or a compound or a recurve!my personal opinion is that a crossbow is a little easier to execute the shot due to not having to draw on the animal at the moment of truth! lets make it a legal means of taking an animal in all the seasons. if we argue amongst ourselves we all lose. if we ban together we stand strong. remember opinions are like assholes we all have one! strings