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Should moderators just think up stuff to get you to post?

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Tell me what you think !!!!!!!
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A wise man once told me that you can't make a good tossed salad if all you have to work with is lettuce.

Now before anyone takes offense, let me explain.

Forums are an odd entity. Over time is takes on its own personality and as time goes on, that personality changes again and again.

You remember the old saying, "Birds of a feather, flock together"? It's the same with a forum. When visitors come, they hang around for a while to see if they like ya. They either stay or they don't.

Then there's the psychiatry of the poster. There are A-dogs who will jump in and post and respond to anything. There are those who argue for the sake of arguing. There are readers who come here for information and entertainment. And you can devise a characteristic for anyone and everyone.

There are forums that have over 100,000 registered members. If you go there and spend a little time, you will discover that in comparison, there is only a handful of active posters there as well.

So you can do like I do. I post information I think might be helpful and/or entertaining. I pretend it is going to be read by the entire hunting community around the word. I act like I know what I'm talking about .......... oh hey, wait a minute! Maybe that's why I can't get enough interest here.

Okay, Forget it!!!

:lol: :lol: :wink: :wink: :camp1:
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Kenton6, what the heck are you talking about??

Oh well roast them marshmallows will ya... :camp1:
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IMHO the title of Mod should have little to do with an individual's post. Most small forums tap someone to do the job as mod because of their willingness to do it. In the day to day operations rarely does "mod stuff" have to take place because basicly folks are nice to each other. Just be yourself and from time to time you'll have mod work to do. The sucess of a site does not rest on a Mod beating the bushes to get posts but it will fail if folks who come to the site feel unwelcome and pressured. Kinda like walking into a store and having sales folks pounce on ya "can I help ya" "welcome to bla bla bla" I for one found those stores uncomfortable and I take my business elsewhere.
Hey Moose.............thanks.

P.S. I was just playing around. :crazy:
Well, I am never shopping here ever again... :fear:
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