Should we have an open hunting season on moose ?

Discussion in 'Maine Moose Hunting' started by aroostookbasser, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. In the corridor from Southern Aroostook...North to Fort Fairfield there were roughly 900 car/moose accidents in 2004/2005.

    Should we have a short one or two week moose season open to all "Residents" that have a big game license.

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    No. Too small of an area and the safety aspect would be crap. On something like that, you either have to have a lot more area or a way to restrict the number of hunters/sq. mile. Shoulder-to-shoulder works for opening day of fishing season in PA, but it'll get someone killed in a hunting season.
  3. I meant within the designate moose zones.......and the season could be closed early if too many moose are getting taken in certain urban zones.
  4. I wouldn't mind opening something up for a short time to see if we can bag some moose. Point me to the right zone and I'll be there...
  5. Hey..we can do better than this.......just post your opinion!!!!!
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    Don't forget the almighty dollar. The state has been raking in the doe by selling applications and permits for moose. Can't take that gravy train away.

    They'll just sell more permits if there's that many moose around.
  7. Simple..........all residents can hunt...but the tag costs $100.00.

    It would also lend itself to hunters looking to take the bigger critters. Leaving the little bulls and calves for next year.
    I'ld pay 100.00 for 400lbs of meat for my freezer!!!!!

    And you only have to pay if you kill it !!!!!!
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    Why not set up landowner tags like other states do with elk. Seems like the families in the areas with the over pop should reap some of the benifits. I also think for the resident tags they should do away with the sub permitee. How many folks sign up people just to get extra draws? I know I saw guys out hunting and you talk to them the wife has the permit and she is back in the truck knitting or something. Only people who want to hunt should get drawn. Or if its such a great idea to let non residents buy as many draws as they want (I think this is a bad policy by the way) why not residents?