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The reason we have guidelines here at the forums is to provide a better place that will suit everybody. Please take the time to read through them.

Swearing: Please refrain from swearing. Swearing obsessively with crude and foul language is inappropriate. Leave that type of talk for the woods.

Flaming: This term refers to people who personally attack others just to start fights and constant disagreements. It is ok to disagree with others on certain matters but please discuss the issue and not throw insults towards the person(s).

Advertising: Please do not leave advertisements in regular forums. There is an Advertising Forum to promote your own websites, blogs, and forums. The sites being promoted MUST be related to hunting, shooting, fishing, or the great outdoors. If it is not it will be deleted. We also have a Buy, Sell, Trade Forum for those looking to buy and sell products. It is ok to leave links to other websites that provide pertinent information regarding the topic currently being discussed, such as images or news articles. Please do NOT link to forum topics on another site. If you think that information is important to link to just paraphrase or get permission to copy and paste it. The forums here are designed to keep things organized and linking to other topics on an external site can cause confusion. Try to keep the conversation here.

Double Posting: Please do not post the same thing in several different forums. Pick one forum and post it. If we feel it is in the wrong forum then we will move it for you. This is also classified as SPAMMING.

Recruiting: Please do not recruit members of Maine Hunting Forums to your own forums. This is rude and disrespectful. Things such as sending private messages or emails to all of the members asking them to come check out a website or a forum is unprofessional and unacceptable. This also refers to leaving a link to another forum in your posts telling people to come check out your new site. We have a forum designed for that. For clarification (updated 6/8/06): Leaving a link in your signature to your site is acceptable, please refrain from advertising your site in your actual posts as we have forums designated for that.

No Religious or Political Discussions
Please refrain from both Religious and Political discussions unless they involve hunting, baiting, fishing, gun rights, and land usage. Local, State, and Federal laws concerning these topics are welcome to be disputed.

And please have fun!! :D

Violating these guidelines may result in warnings or being permanently banned from posting.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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