Smallmouth In Maine!

Discussion in 'Welcome Mat and Lounge' started by Cap'n Jack Duggins, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Anyone here fish for Smallies? Is anyone ever here?
  2. I'm here, I'm here! :wink:

    I fish for whatever bites the end of my line...

  3. It's February 4 and 45 degrees. I'm almost temted to strip the shrink wrap off my boat and go find some smallies!

    Crazy weather but I'm not complaining...
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    The weather is nutso! I spent quite a bit of time with a buddy of mine fly fishing with little poppers and catching large mouth and pickeral. What a blast.

    I never fished smallies much. I used to have good luck on a pond in Greenwood called Twitchell fly fishing with a fast sinking line and using a Barne's Special streamer.

    I was after browns in the early spring but they seemed to like what I offered. Is that a common thing or just a fluke, MJ?
  5. Streamers, Mudlers and big Nymphs are all good for smallies! You were fishing deep, which is where the SM like to be before the water warms up.
    SM and Browns are pretty close in what they like and where they like to be.

    Try the Penobscot if there is an open catch & release season for them now.

    And yes, they like flukes too!! <grin>
  6. Come North and fish for smallies minutes from Canada and there isn't a limit!!!!!!!
  7. Sounds like a fun time. Welcome to the forums aroostook basser.. :D
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    welcome to the board AB
    Mad Jack, he's a bass man - notice that is with a B in front of it.
  9. Hey Madjack, hows the fishing on old Cobbossee. Used to fish B.A.S.S. tournaments there.