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I have always believed that one of the biggest reasons we call a dog "man's best friend" is because a dog can't talk. If they could we'd all be in trouble especially duck hunters that go hunting with their dogs. Bit that's another story to be told some day.
It seems that David went duck hunting one day with John and Bob down at Merrymeeting Bay in southern Maine. David brought along his "best friend", a big, gentle black Labrador Retriever. David was planning to impress John and Bob with his dog.

Well, the three of them got all their gear into the blind and settled in for a day of duck hunting. After a while, a couple of Mergansers flew over and David took one shot and down came the lead duck and landed in the water about 50 feet out. This was David's chance so he told "Spike" to go get the duck. Spike took off and when he got to the edge of the water, he slowed down just a bit and then tip-toed on top of the water, retrieved the duck and brought it back to the blind.

David, expecting some reaction from John and Bob, got nothing - not even a glance. Soon another flock of ducks flew by and Bob stood up and dropped the lead duck. David sent spike to get the duck and again he tip-toed on top of the water and brought the duck back. Still, he got no reaction but David couldn't stand it so he said to John, "Don't you notice anything unusual about my dog?" "Well, yeah!" replied John. "I didn't want you to feel bad so I didn't say anything but I noticed your dog can't swim!"
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