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  1. There are a bunch of Emoticons (I like to call them smilies) that you can use when you post. If you have any that you would like me to add to the site either post them here or link to them and I can add them.

    Just keep this thread going and reply with your smilies! :wink:
  2. Here are a bunch I added already:

    :camp1: :camp5: :smack2: :frusty: :axe: :beer: :givebeer: :laughing: :pray: :smack: :bana: :boink: :boohoo: :chug: :clap2: :confused3: :crazy: :dance: :dwoohoo: :faint: :fear: :frog: :heh: :jammin: :naughty: :pidu: :pals: :pound: :pray3: :puke: :rockon: :roflmao: :shhh: :slapfloor: :thumb: :usa: :twitch: :wave: :ditto:

  3. ooooh yeeaaaaaaahhh

    Watch me dance