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    Is it my imagination or is winter and snow coming early? Northern New England got dumped on last weekend and the now the midwest. Do you have snow where you are yet?
  2. When I told other people around the state of Maine how much snowfall I got I found something very interesting. I found myself telling others that we only got a foot and a half of snow. I knew Bangor hadn't gotten as much as the rest of the state and so my reaction to people telling me they got 40 inches was that, "well.... we ONLY got a foot and a half up this way."

    After I said this half the day after the storm... it dawned on me that a foot and a half is still a lot of snow. I was doubling the amount that I had to picture what everybody else got.

    We are off to a long winter in Maine. We are actually forcasted to get rain sometime in the next day or so. I will keep you updated.