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The Pope was visiting Alaska recently. As he was touring from small town to small town, he rounded a corner in his famed Popemobile and straight ahead saw a commotion going on in the heavy brush near the side of the road. He sent his staff up to find out what the problem was.

They returned and announced to the Pope that there was a democrat being mauled by a giant grizzly bear. Before they could do anything, around the corner came a Chevy pickup crew cab with four republicans in it.

They came to a screeching halt. One man ran up to the bear with his .357 magnum Smith and Wesson revolver and shot the bear three times and killed it.

The four man muckled the bear and tossed him into the back of the pickup. Then they picked up the man and put him in the back seat. Before they could get back into the truck themselves, they noticed the Pope signaling them to come to him. They did.

The Pope gathered the four men around him and said, "God bless you all. You have please God this day and restored my faith in mankind. I was under the belief that American democrats and republicans were full of hate toward one another but you have shown me and God that love supercedes the anger and hatred. May God bless you and keep you."

He dismissed the four republicans and as they were walking back to the truck one fella says to another, "Who in the hell was that?"

The other replied, "Oh, that was the Pope."

"The Pope?" he questioned. "Maybe he is the Pope but he don't know squat about bear hunting! So, tell me is the bait still good or do we have to run back to Massachussets and get another democrat?"
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