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Somebody wants a hunt for free advertising

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Over at our Indiana forums JT is looking for somebody to take him on a hunt in exchange for free advertising. Looks like a cool deal. Check it out here:
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I would take him turkey hunting if he brings his own camper. I just don't have cabins or rental campers yet.
heck with the advertisine, hold out for a hunt swap. I have been out there and chased some ole mossy bucks, see if he wants to take you on a hunt in IN.
Chris, where are you from? Will you be filming this spring?

At this time I have no interest in an "away hunt". I am trying to get my place up and running and will be opening on a 'limited hunting' basis this year. Of course I will be guiding for smallmouth and largemouth as well as stripers during the summer.
Sent the info over to a guide buddy..... he's checking into it. Sounds Good ....
For real? I am a Maine boy, born and raised here. Oh I will be filming this spring. Turkeys are one of my favorite hunts to film. Can't wait for those early moring gobbles.

How do you think the stripers will do this summer?
Hopefully the stripers will be a little better than last year!

Call me Chris, if you want to explore my property!
I will call for sure. I am home from work again today, so I have nothing but time?
Ever fish the Penobscot in Bangor? ...... near EMMC ?
Alewives lead to steak knives and striper fillets.
I have never chased the northers stripers. I have spent most of every summer on the waters of Saco bay. But I hear the fishing is awsome in the early season up your way.

I am all about the filets. I don't think enough people try stripers as table fair. What a great eating fish.
LOve to drift fish the lower Penobscot........ live bait and heavy casting gear.
:rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :faint:
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