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Something different to look at!

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These two guys just got back from a hunt in TX. They were pretty happy to say the least. The smaller buf (first one) was shot at 12 yards after the hunter was able to get in front of the herd and was hiding behind a cedar tree as the whole herd walked almost on top of him. He said it was very exciting but was also somewhat scarey being right in the middle of them because they are so dang aggressive. This was just a meat hunt but the bigger one (second one) weighed in at 1000 pounds and the smaller one weighed in at 700. Both were taken with smoke poles.
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I find the buffalo a facinating animal and I have enjoyed over the years reading about the history and almost demise of the creature. Seeing these pics and putting into perspective the size difference between the man and the beast, you do realize what a massive animal they can be.
I think back of the times, many years ago, when men would shoot a buffalo for one good meal for himself and leave the animal to rot and head on his way - one way the animal nearly became extinct.
Buffalo is good meat.
Thanks again for the pics Jim. I enjoy seeing them and hearing a little of the stories.
Buffalo is definitely good meat. There was a place near where I grew up that served Buffalo burgers.

Thanks for sharing with us Jim!
They are indeed a great magnificant animal. I am glad that they are being managed in a way as to protect them for many years to come. These were just meat hunt buffalo, can you imaging a 3200 pound trophy Bull?
3200 lbs - wow...

Just a little bit large..
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