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Southern NH Deer Hunting

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Checked out a spot here in Southern NH the other day. Looked real nice with some hilly terrain, oak trees abundant with small pine stands in the area. Quite swampy with beaver dams everywhere which made it easy to cross back and forth over the water, and provided some real nice pinch spots. Found a spot to sit down and felt something crawling on my hand. I looked down to see 3 ticks on my hand. After picking those off and another 8 from my clothing the vibrating of my cell phone with a scope order was the only excuse I needed to head home, strip down, and throw my hunting clothes in the drier. Man those little things make me uneasy. Felt like I had them crawling all over me the next day. Maybe a good spot with some colder weather. Luckily the deer season runs a week later down here than in Maine.
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I am up in the air about where to hunt in NH this weekend. I might go north to Errol or south to Portsmouth. You may have helped make my choice. I will bear the tics duning turkey season, but I am not willing to now.
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