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Speaking of Backstraps Cobbett

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After I left Bethel and went back up to Bangor to visit my son and his family, I took the majority of my venison with me a gave it to his family to eat.
While I was there, we broke into a couple packages of backstraps and cooked them up. When we sat down to eat, my grandkids, all four of them, began mowwing done on the venison.
Don't get me wrong, them little buggars are good eaters but you should have seen them eating this stuff. It was funny as hell. Steve's kid are well raised and very polite, but when I looked across the table and the two older ones, picking the steaks up with their hands and stuffing venison into their mouths, it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

On a side note, Steven thought it was pretty cool too. But MOMMA......well, let's say she didn't think it was very "cute" at all.

I tell ya, that stuff's all natural!!!!
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I think GRAMPY should buy all those grandkids COMBO LIFETIME LICENSES! That way he can eat venison all year round! What do you think, Steve?
Those kids are well behaved.
And about his little woman . . . she must be cute as button about now!
Hey I like that idea Jack. Lifetime combos. When my kids get older and they all tag out we won't need to go to the supermarket anymore. Well maybe to get veggies!

Yeah, the kids tore into it. They started off like it was normal steak from the store and then their eyes lit up after the first few bites. I thought we cooked up too much of it. Boy was I wrong. :p
it does my heart good to hear stuff like this. all my children were brought up on wild game and to this day they still call old pops for some. they even use to bring friends home to try it and 9 out of 10 would come back for more. i always gave them the ted nugent words of wisdom, you gotta kill it before you can grill it. strings
That is awsome. I wish more parents introduced thier kids to wild game cooking. The game we harvest is so much more clean and healthy than the beef critters that wallow around in thier own crap all day and get pumped full of drugs.

Hey bout these backstraps from one of our young western maine hunters....
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i had more fun with the boys this year....My oldest boy (11) got his moose....and a fine young buck on youth day...I took my middle boy Canada with me....just a real pleasure....
Willy good to see you around. You are an insparation to people wanting to get kids involved. Most people think your noble, but I know you just need help getting enough deer to feed your 20 sons.
When's the feed???

Ain't it great?!?
Tom...i think we should have the feed at Saywards camp....:laughing: ...we'll bring the meat and Sayward can do the talking....:cool:
Nice pic willy. Glad you had a good time.

I'll be in charge of the bonfire! :camp5:
No fair, you guys know how to use fancy moving logos.
PS. I am off Tuesday with my frind and our two kids for a week of meat hunting in SC. I am sitting with the boy, he is ready and waiting for some more time in a stand.
My two year old daughter got her first tastes of bear, venison, and partridge this year. All I kept hearing her say was more.... more..... I want more daddy.
Too cool! One of the best feasts I ever had was when I attended a fund raiser at the Maine Conservation School in Bryant Pond. The menu for the meal was all wild game recipes. It was done by the MDIF&W and we ate, bear, moose, deer, beaver, ****, partridge, skunk and probably a host of other things I have forgotten.
Tom...i think we should have the feed at Saywards camp....:laughing: ...we'll bring the meat and Sayward can do the talking....:cool:
Who are you kiddin willy? With you around nobody does all the talkin.:fear:
If you've never met Sayward, it's hard to realize that someone else could do more talking. I think what it was was Sayward worked for an undertaker for years and he got used to talking to people who wouldn't talk back. He sees us all as dead now and just talks and talks and talks.

Should we have the feed there now that Sayward is in Florida?? :laughing:
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