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***Special*** Whitetail hunt 130 class $550

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Sorry for the Spam but wanted to let ya'll know about this one. I have an outfitter who needs to sell a couple hunts really quick to pay the lease and then the hunts will go to regular price.

No lodging or food, either stay in motel or camp roughing it. This is a hunters hunt, a DIY.

1100 acres, bucks will average 130's but some will go up to the 160's.
Maybe a few ground blinds will be built but take any with you that you have, i.e. Double Bull, Tripods etc. Any weapon. This propert is 9 miles from the nearest blacktop and a 4X4 is needed to access it.
3 days: 1 buck, 1 doe, 1 hog and 1 unbearded turkey. $550.00

I sold hog hunts on this property last Feb. and our clients shot some big hogs on it and told me about the bucks they seen. This special is for the rest of NOV. and DEC. or until a few hunts are sold then it will be cancelled. Call me toll free 1-877-647-9926
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Booked full

This hunt is booked full. How come I cannot delete or even edit my posts?
Good to see you are booking your hunts SJ. :D

You should be able to edit your posts in the upper right hand corner of the post within the frame...
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