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Squirrel Recipes

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how do you cook the little buggers?
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For fox and gray squirrels, soak overnight in lightly salted water. Par-boil until tender, then flour and fry. Be sure to make gravy from the pan drippings. Larger foxes can be shredded and used as a base meat for gumbo or burgoo, really young ones are good soaked, then placed in a pan with stuffing and baked. Back home, opening day of squirrel season is almost as big a holiday as deer season.
Isn't it strange that norherns were just never raised on the likes of squirrels etc.
My old neighbor here in Florida is a Cracker who grew up eating squirrel. So much so now you can't get him too fired up about eating it.
Growing up I had to eat I could shoot the little buggers to sell the tails to Mepps. Mom hated wastefulness.......we ate a ton of fried squirrel!!!!
Never had it. Sounds like it might be good though.
Try and cut-up into pieces(debone if you prefer)....parboil until half done.......while hot put in coverd dish with your favorite Italian a marinade. The next day take out and stirfry with some green peppers and onions. Cook some long grain and wild rise. Place the meat and veggies over the rice.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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