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Stair Lift - Silver-Glide® HD .

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Stair Lift - Silver-Glide® HD .
o This 375-pound capacity stair lift has a contoured, extra-wide bench seat that swivels away from the stairway at both levels so you can confidently step off of or onto the lift. It comes with swivel seats.
o Padded armrests,
o Winding drum stair lift drive system,
o The seat is upholstered in a neutral gray easy-to-care-for vinyl fabric,
o 375-pound capacity lift,
o Extra-wide stair lift bench seat that swivels away from the stairway at both levels,
o The lift’s control switch is located within easy reach at the edge of the armrest.
o The wireless remote control e
o The controls are mounted to your wall at the upper and lower lower landings.
As an additional option,
o a lock and key on the unit. When the lift is not in use, simply reach below the seat and turn the key to lock the lift in place, preventing unauthorized use.
o The unit folds to just 17” away from the wall.
o The optional folding track clears the track out of the landing walkway.
Stair Lifts Specifications.
§ Rated Load: 375 pounds (170kg)
§ Speed: 18 fpm (.09 ms)
§ Travel: 20' max. (6.1 m)
§ Power Supply: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-wire grounded outlet
§ Control Voltage: 115 VAC
§ Incline Limits: 30° to 45°
§ U.L. and c/U.L. listed
Stair Lifts Standard Equipment.
§ Drive System: 1/8" steel cable on winding drum
§ Motor: .57 hp, 120 VDC
§ Brake: Self-locking worm gear
§ Track: 8-3/4" (222mm) extruded aluminum
§ Track Finish: Natural aluminum color
§ Track Length: 16' stock or custom cut
§ Unit Finish: Ivory white powder coat
§ Upholstery: Misty gray vinyl
§ Stair lift seat: 60°/90° swivel at top and bottom landings, two arms and fold up seat
§ Controls: Constant pressure controls under arm call/send controls
Stair Lifts Safety Features.
§ Footrest obstruction sensors
§ Swivel seat cut-off switch
§ Slack cable brake
§ Overspeed brake
§ Final limit switch at top landing
§ Seat belt
Optional Equipment
§ Key switch on call/send and unit controls
§ Manual folding track at lower landing of stair lift stairway.

Original cost over $5,000.
Asking $2,495.
Mint condition
[email protected]
(207) 831-6311
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