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When you get your duck hunting license do they still give you stamps? I know a few years back when I lived in Ohio and was working in Sporting Goods it was up to the person to mail in proof of their license purchase and then it could take 6-8 weeks before they would get their stamps. But if they never sent them in they would never get their stamps.

What's it like here in Maine?
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I think on state level most have done away with giving you an actual stamp. Of course the feds still give ya a stamp and good luck at the post office if you can find someone on the first try who knows what your talking about.
You have to buy both stamps here in Maine.
You can buy the state duck stamp where you bought your license or at IF&W in Augusta.
The federal stamp you can get at the post office. I have never had a problem getting either stamp but then I live within spitting distance from Merrymeeting Bay!
Actually, the Maine stamp is just a collector stamp now. You have to buy the license add on. So here in Maine, you buy the license, which is $7.25 and then go to the Post Office and get the Federal Migratory Waterfowl Stamp which is $15, then apply it to the back of your license and sign it. Every states license/stamp is different, but you must have the Federal stamp in every state. Duane
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