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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

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In the Rocky Mountain National Forest there are way too many elk. So the brain trust running the parks has decided that they want to arm the rangers with rifles and silencers and sent them into the back woods by stealth of night and slaughter as many as 700 elk.

Of course the environmental idiots want to import wolves to kill off the elks.

Any bets as to which method wins out??

And this could all be easily done free of charge by hunting.

What idiots. They plant new trees and the elk eat them, the elk are also eating up the same trees and food that the beavers need. So, lets bring in the wolves and pretty soon before this is all said and done, we will have spent as much money as what it is costing us to fight a war in Iraq.

Doesn't anybody get it anymore?

I am the only one who thinks we're all too damned stupid?
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hell, they'd even gain revenue with hunting
"WE" don't even have to think that one through, do we Tom? How does that commercial go? .......... "BRILLIANT!"

Why not do a round-up with real cowboys and send them direct to the slaughter house to feed the hungry?

Hunting would also work but it is so politically incorrect.
I have a feeling this entire debacle will end up being more heated and debated than anything that happened in Yellowstone.

Freakin idiots
700 elk too many..........send 5 good Mainers and we'll bne done by nightfall.
Same stupidity reigns in Delaware. Too many deer. Deer are destroying the crops. Do you think they'd let the hunters go take em out. NOPE. Gonna pass a bill so farmers can just shoot em if they're in their crops.
Makes good sense to me!!
I was under the impression that in many areas that have open Elk seasons have more applicants than permits allocated for Elk hunting? Now I was only an economics major for one year at Colby before switching majors, but I think I've got the basic concept of supply and demand. Let's see how long these guys go before complaining about needing more funding.
I was reading just the other day about one state, I wish I could remember, that had like less than 50 elk permits they were going to issue from a selection of over 45,000 applicants at like $10.00 a pop.
Where was I?
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