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sunday hunting again

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posted this on another forum. basically i think we are going after subday hunting the wrong way. the onlytime i have made any head way with some one against it was after i asked him how he would feel if he couldnt ride his sled on sunday. after all, since his excuse was hunting disturbs the peace of a sunday afternoon, i assured him that i make a hell of a lot less noise walking thru the woods with my bow than he does on his sled. take it further, many people who dont hunt just flat out say we dont NEED to hunt on sunday, we have 6 other days. well, you dont NEED to fish on sunday, you dont NEED to look at birds on sunday, you dont NEED to hike on sunday........i have gotten a little ways with folks that have never looked at that way b4. i am only one person but if we all tried that approach who knows, we cant do any worse than we are now.
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My opinion is that if we cant hunt on sunday due to religiuos reasons or the woods needing quiet time then no one should be allowed to snowmobile or fourwheel on sunday. We are the reason all these people have a place to go and animals to see and we are the only ones that cant use it. It is time people stopped being afraid of pissing off landowners and go talk to them. If they wanna post their land on Sunday then go ahead. I personally have only been turned away from posted land once. Most of these LO's are decent understanding people and just wanna know who is out there. Hunters have been turning tail and quivering for years because the anti's can throw out POLLS AND FACTS and it scares everybody off. I personally think the only thing keeping hunters from Sunday is ourselves.
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