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sunday hunting again

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posted this on another forum. basically i think we are going after subday hunting the wrong way. the onlytime i have made any head way with some one against it was after i asked him how he would feel if he couldnt ride his sled on sunday. after all, since his excuse was hunting disturbs the peace of a sunday afternoon, i assured him that i make a hell of a lot less noise walking thru the woods with my bow than he does on his sled. take it further, many people who dont hunt just flat out say we dont NEED to hunt on sunday, we have 6 other days. well, you dont NEED to fish on sunday, you dont NEED to look at birds on sunday, you dont NEED to hike on sunday........i have gotten a little ways with folks that have never looked at that way b4. i am only one person but if we all tried that approach who knows, we cant do any worse than we are now.
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My only hesitation with sunday hunting is we go hiking on sundays a lot in the fall. It just offers a safer time to do that, as the mtns around us are also heavily hunted (by me during the week and saturday!!). So, other than being able to hike without worrying about bothering any hunters out there and our safety, I wouldn't mind it being open.
Blue Law on the Sabeth

Quoting one line on this thread:
"i am a hunter but i dont believe that there should be hunting allowed on sunday just because its gods day and there shouldnt be any killing going on that day..."

This is not directed to anyone. Why is fishing allowed on Sunday? If you are not going to keep the fish it should be killed as part of the daily limit of released immediately. <There goes my fillet and release theory.>

What about trapping on Sunday? I'm not a trapper, so, must you spring your traps on Sunday?I'll check with a local trapper...

I remember as a kid in the 60's theere was Blue Law in effect in my part of Texas. No alcohol or certain items could be purchased on Sunday. I can't remember if hunting on the Sabeth was permitted or not.

So, when in season, feel free to kill a fish but no ducks, grouse, deer, bear, moose or any other small furry woodland creatures. Other than previously set trap???????
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I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina where its illegal to hunt on Sunday's. Living in the Bible belt some things where just not permitted, hunting and buying alcohol being two of them. Up until the early 90's it was hard to find a store open. I'm not against hunting on Sunday. each man to his own I guess. If it was legal I probably still wouldn't hunt that day. What about it becoming a safety issue being that people go into the woods without orange on Sunday knowing that no hunters are there?
Hunting on sunday has absolutely nothing to do with God. I love the Lord also my friend. And I probably would not hunt on sunday, but spend it with my family. Problem is, there a lot of guys who don't get to hunt during the week. Sunday would be good for them. As far as hikers, or people going in the woods, I stand by what I said early. They have May, june, july, august, september to hike. Hunters only have two months to hunt. You tell me if thats fair!!!!! Not trying to raise any tempers by saying that, but this is why there is no sunday hunting. God Bless.
The more of these 'arguments' I hear, the more I lean TOWARDS Sunday hunting!

[I can't believe I just said that!]

On Sunday you may
1. Gamble
2. Buy booze
3. Fish
4. Trap
5. Screw (your ol' lady, girlfriend or piece of trash your wife doesn't know about)
6. Race cars (more dangerous than hunting)
7. Order nasty pay-per-view porn on your TV
8. Shoot your guns (as long as you don't kill anything)
9. Go shopping ( for anything except cars )
10. Work (God forbid you should go to work on Sunday!!!)

As far as the "safety issue", Maine has one of the best hunter identification laws in the country and the ONLY time hunter orange is required is while hunting deer with a firearm.
Fishermen, trappers, horseback riders, ATVer's and more, all do their thing everyday of the week even during firearms season for deer and a lot of them choose NOT to wear orange!
So what is the problem?
Landowners? They have the option [like I did] to post their land "access by permission" or "keep out".
Most are doing it now anyway so they either have THEIR woodlots to themselves or so they know who is one THEIR property. They paid for it and pay taxes on it . . . they can do what they want with it.

I guess I'm trying to say that if it went to a vote today, I would vote FOR Sunday hunting!
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I go to church on Sunday and would also like to hunt on Sunday as we should be able to.Its crazy that we can't hunt on Sunday.I couldn't believe all the people that voted against Sunday hunting when they came out with all the scare tactics like landowners going to close down their land to hunters if it passed.They would close it down regardless if they want to.I won't join the Maine guide ass. because of their stance on Sunday hunting.They caved in and I can not support them because of it.
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