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Who will win SuperBowl?

  • Seattle

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  • New England

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  • Denver

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  • Pittsburgh

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  • Indianapolis

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  • Carolina

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  • Chicago (Da Bears)

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SuperBowl Poll - Jan 14

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As of right now who do you think will win the SuperBowl? Don't worry we'll run a new poll each week for those who chose a loser.. :wink:
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Pats will make history! :idea:
They better make less mistakes in the second half of this game or the only history they will be making is who fumbles the ball and gets lousy referee calls the most in a playoff game.

Man that interference call was the worst I've seen all year.
I agree!

And I think the Pats are getting the short end of the stick. Pass interference my butt.... :lol:
The Pats lost that one. Denver didn't win it per se, the Pats lost.
So, for my next brilliant pick, I will be general and say it will be an AFC team and probably Indy.
Indy against, well it just might be Carolina particularly if Seattle can't run the ball because of the injury to Alexander.
Okay! This is my last prediction. I think the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will win the Super Bowl.
That prediction should be as close as any I've made so far.
Every time you pick a new team they lose... :lol:

I will say Denver's defense will bring them to win the SuperBowl!! :wink:
I'm glad I don't bet on pro sports. :oops:
okay so we have the Seahawks playing the Panthers and the Broncos playing the Steelers.

I'm going to pick Carolina if the team shows up and
Denver because they are playing at home.

So, by past history of me picking, that means the Seahawks will win and the Steelers.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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