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Where does everyone buy there traps and rest of supplies? Everywhere i look the hsippings real expensive
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Check in FurFish&Game and look for the DUKE ads. Sometimes they offer free shipping.

Other than that I would check Cumberlands in Wisconsin or better yet, check with Dave in Sidney. Trap & Track guide service. He's open evenings and weekends.
thanks how do i get a hold of dave?website?
I don't have that info handy but someone here should be able to get it off John Porters site.

Check here...

Dave is on this site some.
STupid link won't work right.
thanks how do i get a hold of dave?website?
207-547-4122 Thats Daves number;)

i normally get my gear at the rondys to save on shipping but when i have to order online i normally use Minnesota Trapline Products as the prices are fair and the service is outstanding
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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