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Surefire M-6 versus MAG 951 flashlight

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The Surefire Guardian M-6 arrived two days ago.
Last night with the aid of my son and a couple friends I set out to take some pictures for a COMPARISON SHOOTOUT

I mounted both flashlights in a tripod by aid of my home-made gizmo. Lacking another tripod for my camera the pictures in the basement come out blurry, but for our purposes, which is to show the amount of light projected by each one, they will serve.

I took the pictures of the shed with the camera set in the tripod from fifteen yards and the light of both flashlights coming from 43 yards away.
At such short ranges you can see that the Surefire M-6 is impressive, although you can see the superiority of the MAG 951 without question.

In the basement picture you can observe how the side spill of the MAG 951 shows more illuminated area, even that the focus of the MAG 951 is far more concentrated than the M-6. So this is explained just by the massive output in lumens by the MAG 951.

Pictures I could not take due to our road being so busy with traffic will have shown how at 112 yards the superiority of the MAG 951 is demonstrated, as it put so much more light in the target (a tree) than the M-6 does.

I have had a stop sign ranged (with my laser range finder) at 243 yards (they are reflective, so they show very well). But the people agree with me is that if somebody would have been standing near it, the light of the MAG 951 would have been sufficient to show him well.

Runtime: The Surefire M-6 will run for 20 minutes in six batteries 123’s for a cost of $9.96.
The MAG 951 will run for 30 minutes putting out double the light for FREE (as the light is rechargeable)
Cost: The Surefire M-6 cost twice as much as the MAG 951.

The flashlights mounted in the tripods.

The Surefire M-6 flanked by the MAG 951 and the Black Bear 678 lumens
(I also took Beamshots with the Black Bear 678, but I will show them in another thread in comparison with the M-6, not to make this post too long.

Beamshot with the M-6

Beamshot with the MAG 951

Tool shed beamshots from 43 yards:

Beamshot with the M-6

Beamshot with the MAG 951

I will point out that seeing in person is easier to appreciate the difference between the two lights, even better than in these pictures.

black bear 84

Surefire M-6 versus MAG 951 flashlight
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Wow those pictures really demonstrate the power of that surefire. However, one must consider the cost, for home defense, I would rather spend the money on either my gun, ammo, or training, or a little on all three. Just my 2 cents.
Ithaca 37,
I agree with you up to a point, having special equipment help a lot, inside my house I don't use a long gun because of not enought room to manuever issues.
My pistol of choice it a Colt .45 loaded with 230 Federal Hydra-Shocks and wearing a Crimson Trace laser grips, together with my MAG 951 flashlight I can not think of a better low-no light equipment to confront an adversary, as the laser sight let you shoot from positions of concealment and barricade without looking at the sights or gun.
Even my wife without any training can be a formidable opponent to any thread.

The Surefire M-6 been lighter and shorter than the MAG 951, althought having less lumens (500) can be a formidable spotting light when mounted in my Mini 14, for control of the 60 yards of open range around my country house, a lesser light will not have the punch to reach up to the tree line.

When I need more light than that I have a version of the MAG 951 lumens with a bigger head (3 inches) that will reach well to 300 yards or more.

So I reiterate that I am with you concerning training and practice, but superlative equipment helps a lot.

black bear 84
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Colt .45 is an excelent round, hopefully you will never have to use it.
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