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anyone watch it? i hate the show, but im watching it cause i know Tina. she is the owner of the Great Maine Luberjack Show in Trenton and is sometimes known as "Timber Tina"
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not me. Never watched one episode of the show. How is she doing?
I watched that show once... Not bad of a show but just never really got into it. That's cool you know her. I don't think I have ever known anybody that appeared on a reality tv show.
The show has nothing to do with "surviving". Just a bunch of backstabbing and sucking up, lies and deceit.
If I were selected to be on the show, they would find (if I wanted them to) each of the others bound and gagged on the beach, with a note attached saying....."are YOU next"?

....... sick huh?
:lol: :lol:

That would make an awesome reality TV show... :wink:
Now MadJack that wouldn't be politically correct! :lol:
"Timber Tina" was the first surviver to be voted off. She may have what it takes to actually survive whereas most of the folks have no survival skills at all !!!

Here is Timber Tina's web site:

I think the Lumber Jills :D might be worth checking out :D .
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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