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Texas whitetail hunts

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Free ranging Texas whitetail hunt on 60,000 private acres. Shooter bucks will average 140+ class. Fully 1X1 guided, 4 days with meals and lodging $3,000. You will also be allowed a free ranging aoudad if one presents itself for a shot (the owner wants them off the ranch) and unlimited hogs (the owner definitely wants them off the ranch) during this hunt. The hunt takes place in Gail, Texas located in northwest Texas. Taking only 2 hunters at a time and only 6 hunters per season. This is a 1X1 fully guided hunt (you will be accompanied by a guide at all times) that will be primarily a spot and stalk hunt but there will be 4 stands over feeders if a hunter would wish to hunt that way also. This ranch has not been whitetail hunted commercially and is primarily a quail hunting ranch and the ranch owner has finally agreed to allow 6 whitetail hunts per year on it. The first few years should be spectacular. Call toll free 1-877-647-9926 or email me at [email protected]
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