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Thanksgiving day bucks?

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Just wanted to know how many ,if any , took bucks today. I screwed up on a real nice buck at 9am top of the mountain lying in the sun. same old story 2 more bounds and I would have been dragging. It's hell to get old and slow!
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Not me! Woods are way too thick to see them and too noisey to sneak on 'em.
I've got lots of work to do for next season to make my property more "deer friendly" and hunter friendly.
You're right strings, the older we get, the less the body is willing!
You're right Strings. Same old story! Been there done that
Got mine Thanksgiving day.Was eating dinner with my wife and parents at their house when a nice fat 7 point 180 pound field dressed buck stepped out in the back field.Made a 180 yard shoot with my mothers single shot 223
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