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The 30-06 almost 1 century later

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As we approach the 100th birthday of the 30-06, we find it to still be the most popular hunting cartridge in the nation.

The designation 30-06 comes from its caliber, 30, and its year of creation, 1906. Now, you may be saying wait, isn't the 1903 chambered for 30-06, those years don't match. You would be right, that is because the 30-06 is an improvement on the original 1903 round, the 30-03. In 1906 th 30-03 case was shortened by .07in. and the 30-06 was born. After two world wars and a policing action (Korea), the 30-06 remians the standard to which all other big game rounds are held. In fact the 06 has given birth to numerous other round including 220 swift, 25-06, .270, 35 whelen, and 338-06, plus numerous unrecognized wildcats.

Despite all of the new ultra magnums, short magnums, and regular magnums, the 30-06 reigns supreme in the world of big game hunting.
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Looks like i forgot to log in when i wrote this. Didn't want to give anyone a heart attack thinking that someone new may have posted. :D
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I was getting all worked up... thought maybe somebody new had come ashore..

Ithaca37, I just learned something new. Thanks for the info. Another reason why my next rifle should be a .30-06
Even Jack O'conner the man who so vigorously pushed the 270 winchester admitted that the 30-06 was a superior round.
The 30cal cartridges have the best selection of bullets ranging from 110 grains to 220 grains. While recoil is not light, it is managable and the 30-06 is as flat shooting as any cartridge on the market, including the magnums.

Also, the 30-06 can be found in any storethat sells rifle ammo, some more obscure calibers can be tough to find at a local retail store.
You know I always wondered where the 06 came from - now I know.
I always find it fascinating to learn the origins of caliber names, as well as their development.
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