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The art of Calling Moose

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Most of us admire the moose. When full grown, it is the largest animal found in North America. Our fascination comes partly from the fact that the moose is an odd looking character and because of that many cartoonists have tried to capture the oddity in their sketches, drawings and animations.

To some, the moose is a challenge. Some want to get close to the moose to see it better and perhaps to photograph but to the mighty hunter of the moose, there is no bigger challenge than to call the big bull moose to you so that you can shoot one.

So begins the story of Vernon and Walter who set out on a quest to call the moose. Prior to the official opening of moose season, Vernon and Walter constructed themselves a nice tree stand that would easily accommodate two mighty hunters.

On the first day, the two climbed up into the tree stand, got themselves comfortable and began to practice their calls. At first Walter used his hands and his mouth to try to mimic the call of a cow moose in hopes of luring the giant bull from the forest. After hours, nothing seemed to be working. Vernon brought out his contraption he built one snowy day last winter that he guaranteed would call the moose - no luck either. Finally, they resorted to the electronic call Vernon had secretly bought at the Kittery Trading Post - just in case.

Right up until sundown the two men called constantly and without arousing even a bird. The next morning they went out bright and early and repeated the first days performance. The third day was no different.

Upon returning to hunting camp after the third day, Walter suggested they go into town and buy a cow moose costume and see if they could lure a bull moose with that. Reluctantly Vernon agree and they headed to town.

The following morning both men climbed into the costume - Vernon was the moose's front and Walter was the hind end. They located a clearing not too far from their tree stand and began to prance around doing their best to act like a cow moose - however that was.

After about an hour, Vernon heard a noise and peered out through the small slit in the front of the costume. He could see a very large bull moose charging full speed and coming directly at the two men.

"What's going on?" yelled Walter. "Is there a bull moose coming? I'll jump out of the costume and shoot him if there is!"

"Yeah, there's a giant bull coming right at us but we don't have time to get out of the costume and get our guns," cried Vernon.

"What are we going to do?" ask Walter nervously.

Vernon thought quickly and said to Walter, "I'm going to bend forward and pretend I'm eating grass. I think you better brace yourself!"
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