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The Big Welcome

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I'm known around these parts as Kenton6 but my real name is Tom Remington. We have developed what we feel is a user friendly forums discussion camp for all outdoor enthusiasts.
Remember, you must do as I do and post only "true" stories. Some people think I s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth a little bit but I think they are wrong. I just see things differently.
I hope you have fun here because that is what we intended for you and while your here make sure you visit both of Steven and my websites and see what else we are up to. Just click on the links at the very top of the page and please stay a while and come back as often as you like.

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I live and hunt in northern Maine. I also love canoeing, downhill skiing, fishing, and just about any outdoor activity.

Nice forum you have here, you guys did a wonderful job on the site!!
Great to have you Split-Hoof. I look forward to your posts and contributions to this site.

Great to see another Mainiac! :mrgreen:
I've been to "the county" several times and have skied at Lonesome Pine Ski Area in Fort Kent a few times as well. You got to love those folks from the county!
Hi kenton, funny you mention Lonesome Pines! I worked there for a season two years ago. It's just a little hill, but the locals enjoy it!
In High School I had the State Meet in Fort Kent. What year was that Kenton6?

I skied both X-C and Alpine... brrrr... it was awful cold too!
Lonesome pines

I think that would have been either 92 or 93. Do you remember what year you were in high school when we went last time?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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