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Hello maine hunting members,

Each call is hand-built, signed and numbered by New England wild turkey hunting pioneer, and Maine Hunting Guide Stu Bristol, author of "Hunting Wild Turkeys in New England" (now out of print and rated a 4 1/2-star collectable by

One of the easiest calls to operate, even for novice hunters. Calling and hunting tips booklet included.

The bottom of the call is drilled with nine 3/8-inch air escapes that can be covered or uncovered with the non-striker hand, to increase or decrease volume and tone. This call is soft enough for tree yelps and loud enough for location calling on windy days.

The striker features a Black Walnut shaft with tapered White Ash top, finished in clear polyurethane. Each call and striker is pre-sanded and tuned; ready to hunt.

Only six left in stock. More info can be found at

Or PM me if your interested in one of these calls.
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