The right barrel and load for deer?

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  1. Hi Folks:

    Since buck shot is not legal where I grew up it is a new experience for me, and since my father didn't hunt, but my grandfather did, I am pretty much self taught. I currently sport a Remington 870 12 gauge with a vent rib and a deer barrel (smooth bore). I think I finally figured out that one should use rifled slugs in the smooth bore, an regular slugs in the rifled bore. Correct me if I am wrong? Anyway, my question is about the pattern of buck shot from the short deer barrel. As I recollect shooting buck shot out of the short deer barrel makes a wide pattern, shot a few times at an expanded refrigerator box, would it be better to use the vent rib and longer shotgun barrel with buck shot? My guess is it would hold a tighter pattern.
  2. I much prefer slugs for hunting deer. There are plenty of buckshot hunters with great success.

    For best results use rifled slugs in smooth bores. The rifling will spin the slug in flight for gyroscopic stability. A rifled barrel can shoot sabot slugs having the benefit of a better ballistic coefficient projectile. All that means is the bullet flies more efficiently through the air with less drag than a Foster type (rifled) slug.

    A 12 gauge slug is plenty of bullet to harvest any game critter in North America.

    I like to start with a white paper plate to practice with. At 50, 75 and 100 yards to make any adjustments on the sights. Then water jugs at 75 and 100 yards. The vital area of a Whitetail is similar to a water jug. NOTE: I generally only shoot slugs or black powder rifles out to 100 yards due to ageing eyes, open sights and deer refuse to wear big white aiming references.

    The following statement s are my opinion, please research more for yourself....but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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