The Rut?

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  1. I was wondering when the rut ushually takes place. i have read a little about the central states like Kansas and i figured that our deer rut ushualy takes place around nov. 14th or so. i have been hunting this one area for 4 yrs or so and never really see much buck activity such as scrapes or rubs. my friends have shot a few bucks out of the same area. i ushually hunt for meat but this year i want horns! can you guys help me out with this?
  2. What sort of help are you interested in? Try to answer any specific questions and I'm sure other guys will as well.

  3. when does the rut ushually take place in central maine. ex winslow,fairfield, waterville areas?
  4. I have been in rut for about35 years
  5. Well, that depends on who you believe. Familiar with Charles Alsheimer? He has an interesting theory. Others claim it is always the same weeks every year.

    Safest thing to do is watch for increased deer movements. When you start seeing bucks crossing the road, standing in a field during daylight hours when they usually would not, deer/car's time to hit the woods.

    Scraping activity is going to start ramping up and you'll start to see the bucks chasing the does...hit the woods, plunk yourself down (or treestand) in good cover, don't move and stay all day.
  6. what deer scent should i use right now and later in the season?
  7. watch the full moon phase i think its around the 13th of november this year..... the deer go bananas during this time of year... looking for doe's ! buy a couple of bottles of tink's 69 rub it on your clothe's hand's face , feet.. and early in the morning go sit where the have been either drinking spot's , just off trail's where they have been traveling scrape's and rub's just dont sit to close...... stay awake DO NOT FALL ASLEEP ) sit all day dawn till dusk.... wait and watch DO NOT FALL ASLEEP or someone will be notifying your next of kin in case of deer attack.....this i know i had to kill a 5 pointer at point blank range (the barrel hit him before the bullit did ) horney lil''bugger.... made a great wall hanger... well it doesnt get much easier than that..... ''DID I SAY STAY AWAKE''' dont forget that one warning.....
  8. Look at swampdonkey and his success under the "early season scent use" thread and you'll see a good product. James Valley Scent Co..

    I have a sleeper that I first started using almost thirty years ago called Scrape-Mate by Surekill. If you can get your hands on it, buy it. Might have to order it online but you have plenty of time.

    Another is Trophy Advantage. It works. Do a word search online and you'll find it.

    Neat little thing I do that works is...use one of your empty scent killer spray bottles and fill it with the lure of your choice, Trophy Advantage works well for this...economical. Get a drag rag saturated with your lure and tie it off on your belt loop. As you walk into the area you're hunting every fifty or so yards spray the lure on a tree or bush, grass, doesn't matter.

    Spray it all the way in as you go to your stand. You can cover a big area for deer to pick up the scent and they'll come into, hit your drag line and follow it right to you.

    It works, try it. Make sure you cut upwind of your stand when you get close to your stand...don't want the deer going downwind of you.
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    hey, i have been following this topic for the info and i checked out the trophy advantage site which is really good so i was just wondering what your flavor was? there are a couple different ones but which do you drag along behind you tmbrddl?
  10. Hey swany. I've used Gary's stuff (Trophy Advantage) for several years and I'll tell ya, it works.

    I carry a sixteen ounce heavy duty spray bottle filled with either the Dominant Buck urine or the Hot Doe (mix as instructions recommend) depending on what time of the season it is. Either will work. For my drag rag, I use the Scrape-Mate I mentioned earlier in the thread. It's unique and the stories I could tell you. IT WORKS. Any good quality doe in heat lure would work. I like the liquids better than the gels for this application because I think it leaves a better trail used this way.

    What I look for is a crosswind. An example. Say the wind is blowing north to south, I'll move east to west and spray (spray a bush or tree about every fifty yards, give it a good squirt) and drag (freshen that every couple hundred yards or so) as I go. You can cover a wide area and get the odor to the deers nose. They come in to check out the bush you sprayed and then they'll pick up the scent of the drag rag and follow it right to your location.

    If there are bucks downwind of the area you sprayed, they will catch the odor and follow it to its source.

    Tote roads, any trail you have pretty much to yourself where there isn't likely to be other hunters ruining your setup work. Hardwood ridge would be perfect.

    Let me know how you guys use scents.

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