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  1. [​IMG]
    thought this was a cool pic
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    That is a very cool pic. It's a shame it's not a video. I bet the sound was something.

  3. yes that would be really cool. the day before I put a road kill deer there and on this 1st night there were 3 coyotes that were on it all night. and into the daylight. next morning I went in and took the chip out of the cam and brought it home to view on my computer. when I saw all that activity, I went right back to call for an hour or so. my grand son had a game later. well I called with howls and a lot of pup distress and in 53 mins in came a very blond male, and I shot him.
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  4. I had at least two deer gobbled up by coyotes because I couldn't find them before dark and the next morning was too late.