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Back when Steve and I started Maine Hunting Today and the Maine Hunting Forums, one of my goals was to become effective enough that our name would become synonomous with an authority on what we do.

I am not interested in becoming directly involved in politics but I would like to think that over time we could be considered a respectible resource for hunting information and that with ample membership and participation here, people would know that we were a force to reckon with.

I still believe that this will happen in time and this is why I need your help. Often I field questions, etc. to stir debate here on the forums. I am interested in your opinions. God knows I have enough of my own. You guys are the ones beating the forests and hearing about what's up and what's not.

When I seek input, this is the reason I am doing so. I am trying to create a link of communication between particular groups and organizations that will and can have an affect on hunting, trapping and fishing. When I hear your ideas, I can relay them to other organizations, etc. and tell what our members believe, etc.

Often times forums like ours become just a place for people to go and bitch and complain. That's fine. It is sort of like good therapy and sometimes we just need to vent and get things off our chests.

We wanted more than just a message board that's why we created Maine Hunting Today, Maine Fishing Today and Maine Outdoors Today. We are committed to Maine and want to be a viable interest in the preservation and promotion of hunting, fishing, trapping and the outdoors.

In short, which most of you know by now is next to impossible for me to do, there are methods to my madnesses when I go seeking input. I'm not simply trying to stir up discussion. I am truly interested in what everyone thinks.

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