To Blog or Not to Blog

Discussion in 'Maine Guides' started by sremington, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Absolutely - sounds interesting and fun!

  2. Nah... I don't think so

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  3. Umm... what's a blog?

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  1. Ok here it is. If you are a Maine Guide or not a Maine Guide please vote on the issue. Would you like to see a blog here at Maine Hunting Today completely devoted to Maine Guides. This would mean that all Guides in Maine would have the ability to post original content such as stories, articles, photography, links, and other information that could help benefit their services. Comments would be open to all of the public.

    Maine Hunting Today would contribute in Promoting and Marketing your blog. We here at Maine Hunting Today would provide business cards (only if you wanted) and add the blog to future paraphenalia such as brochures, etc...

    This would provide a place for those interested in coming to Maine for hunting and fishing excursions to learn more about who we are and what types of services we provide.

    Please take the time to vote!
  2. This could be good as long as Guides remember it is open for the public to see! It would not be good if a client came on and gave GPS coordinates to a hunting stand or a secret trout pond.

    But talking about our individual businesses, what each of us does and how we do it sounds like a great way for potential customers to get to know us.

    I'm in!

  3. I know only 3 people voted yes, but I am creating a blog so people can go view it to get an idea of what it may look like to help in their voting decisions... :lol:
  4. Canerod

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    I think it'd be a good thing. Only thing I'd add is the guide's logo.

  5. Yea, I think you are right. I will be working on setting it up in the next couple of days... :D
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    Let me know if you want me to scan it in and try to send it.

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    I hope this will show up. Still kinda new to the image posting thing.


  8. Cool! I got it over there. 8)
  9. Canerod you can register over there and try it out for a spin if you like. Just let me know when you register so I can give you access to post.