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To heck with Walmart!!!!!!

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It's official.... Houlton store will no longer sell guns ..effective 2/5/2007 !!!!! Other stores to follow...... all other stores in Maine to follow suit in the next few months or a year at most. Executive board decided to get out of gun market..... my store first in state to quit selling as far as I know.

Local gun dealers to profit by limited market........ not a good day for gun nuts. Will restrict my gun purchases in the future.... one or two per year at most now.

Buying in the used market out of dealers hands still unrestricted.
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Many have said that the guns that are sold through Wal-Mart are seconds or rejects, etc. I don't know if that is true or not and I think it would be extremely difficult to prove that if true.

The bottom line is, whether the above is true or not, this will have an affect on a lot of purchasers of guns, accessories and ammo. What Wal-Mart sells for products serves a purpose and fills a void.

I think this is unfortunate.
My guess it's not just a liability issue but more a financial one.

The effort put into the sale, due to paper work and jumping hoops with the Feds doesn't compare to the profits they get selling the other junk in the store.
I have heard that Wally World does in fact purchase guns that are made with inferior wood. Like everything else they sell, they can then purchase their guns from Remington, etc and sell them for the same prices you would pay at a gun shop!
Walmart tells manufacturers what the will pay for every item they sell. They are just that big!
As far as the gun sales going down the tubes, it costs w-mart more money to train people on ATF paperwork and pay Federal fines for "firearm indescrepencies", than it's worth! Definately a financial move.

Between Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain putting up MEGA-stores (yep, bigger than walmart) w-marts can't compete with knowlegable staff and better outdoor products.
I used to work at T/C and we sold alot of guns to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart would order tons of them. Guns go through the manufacturing process (At T/C any way) without a specefic order. and there is no way in knowing what guns are for who. They were all packaged and warehoused and orders just picked, skidded, and shipped to the customer. Wal-Mart dictates what they are going to pay for them and over purchase with the understanding that the gun company MUST buy back any unsold guns after a certain period. Its a no lose deal for Wal-Mart. I cant believe its any diffrent for any other company. I think Gabelas comming in is a big factor in this decission because we used to sell as many to them as Wal-Mart.

Jumping the subject here a little I hear tell that S&W bought T/C.
Yeah, I heard Smith bought up TC for a mere 101 million. The big COP-OUT (to the Feds) gun company had to do something to save their butts!

A little off topic but.....
S&W wanted to get into the hunting end to compliment their handguns.

Home Depot does the same thing as Wally World... the companies take back unsold items.

Cap'n I couldn't get that link to work.
Wal-Mart and Home Depot are the same companies I think
I do buy some ammo from walmart sometimes, but they generally suck when it comes to firearms. I had a bad experience buying a gun form them and would never ever do it again. What I love is how the guy behind the desk doesn't have a clue what you are talking about when you ask questions or want to buy a specific caliber and bullet weight.

As for gun nuts missing the guns sold at walmart, I don't think most purists will miss them as they only carry bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns for the most part, no semi-auto centerfire rifles and not much in the way of semi-auto ARs... no handguns who's going to miss that. You can go to your local gun shop[ and buy the same product for a couple of bucks more and get far better customer service and best of all you won't get treated like a crminal when you buy your firearm from the local store as opposed to walmart.
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From these comments and experiences, it seems clear why Wal-Mart will no longer be selling guns.
Wow....... now that was the response I hoped I'ld get !!!!!!
I agree that Walmart guns are not exactly the same as those purchased at your local gun shop...... but blame the gun companies if they cut corners to sell by 10,000's instead of by the dozen.
In the end as always we will pick up the increased cost of this decision within the local market place.
I love the better service of the gunshop......... just can't justify the 25 to 30% increase in price. Sorry !!!!
Guess I'll travel around and locate used guns to fit the need..... or find an FFL holder willing to do the transaction and just charge 20% over wholesale. That's pretty common up here still.
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