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Today I got my first duck ever.

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Before anybody criticizes me, let it be known that I did not bag it the conventional. I hear all this talk about it being poor sport to shoot a sitting duck, but in my case I have no choice. I don't have a canoe, and I don't have a dog.

So for the past couple weeks, I've been sitting by a pond in the afternoon waiting for some to come in, without seeing anything. A couple times, I spotted some in the pond and attempted to sneak up on them. Both times I didn't quite manage to get into range before they flushed.

Well today, before heading down to the pond, I could see only one duck in the pond from the road. I made my way down the edge of the pond through brush and crap trying to stay behind cover and trying to make as little noise as posible. This was very difficult, as the ground was covered in dry sticks and leaves. I managed to come within 35 yards of it, when I pulled up and fired. I had to fire another couple shots to finish it off. I then had to wade out a ways (up to my waist or so, the pond isn't too deep) to apprehend the duck.

That's basically how I managed to do it. I don't see how anybody could consider this unfair or poor sportsmanship, as it is EXTREMELY difficult to sneak up on a duck. My brother even told me it couldn't be done.
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Easy, it is. Not knocking you or it, Ive done it when I was younger and less experienced but there are some ducks you can walk right up to with a little "sneaking". I did this on 27 birds of 4 different species the other day, not shooting at any of them. If you can wade after them, you can set up and call them in or jump and shoot as they fly away. Again, Im not knocking you, everyone starts somewhere, but as a fairly avid duck hunter I really dont know of anyone that would be proud of shooting a "sitting duck". Set up a blind and have some patients, youll feel much better about it. Duane
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