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After rereading the deer post I decided to see what everyone carries on them or in a pack for a day in the woods. Since I am not a tree stand hunter during firearms seasons, I try to stay as light as possible.
These are what you will find in my possession at all times.
1. Compass-- and a spare
2. Drag Rope w/harness
3. Extra Ammo
4. 2 means of firestarter--Bic and H2O proof matches
5. Skinning knife-- plus a pocket knife.
This is all I carry with me day in and day out. Some may think I need survival and 1st aid --- but I keep this in my truck.

My Truck Equipment
1. 2 spare tires
2. High Lift Jack
3. Chainsaw
4. Rope/Chain
5. Tire chains-- set for rear and front
6. Fluids-- anti freeze,brake fluid,tranny, and power steering fluid.
7. Spare belts
8. Tool kit-- Wrenches,sockets, screwdrivers,hammers.
9.Over night gear-- bed roll,food,and water

As you all can see I care quite a bit in my truck- but I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.
Also all our vehicles are equipped with CB's and Marine Radios.

Another thing we do is have a homefront plan. Before we leave, someone always knows the general area we will be in. Plus a time we plan to be done hunting. If they don't hear from us by the allotted time--they send help.

So what do you all take to the woods with you?
John Porter

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It depends if i'm going to sit or not. I normally carry 2 compasses, my Garmin, my firestarter, some cotton soaked with petroleum jelly for starting a fire, small lunch, and maybe a walkie talkie. Oh yeah, I forgot...toilet paper!!

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I got one pant leg in my favorite hunting pants that's getting pretty short. :lol: :lol:

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a guy i hunted with once had a mid sized backpack fulled with stuff, clothes, lunch and 150' of rope and so on. along with everything he carried a belt of 25 cartridges and 4 spare clips and a whole box of ammo in the pack!!! When i hunt the big woods, i have 2 clips and a belt of 25. thats for ammo.... mfm

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In my coat back pocket I cary....
drag rope
small mag light
two or three sandwiches
two bottles of water
ten ft. orange srveyers tape

Other than my fully loaded 7600 (5 shots), I cary two belt folds on my hips that hold another twenty rounds.

I also cary a pocket watch, so I know when to turn around (not get turned around.) :lol:
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