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trapping So. Maine

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anyone out there do much trapping in southern ME? did some when i was younger (mainly muskrat) and thinking about getting back into it.
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Hey Das, I'm a long way from York but it's still considered 'southern Maine'. Yeah, I usually do a lot of trapping but I had shoulder surgery December 20 and couldn't hold a trap, let alone set one. I may set out a batch of snares for beavers, I still have all of February.
Fur still isn't really worth a lot but I just love seeing fur down! I would like to find someone local to tan some fur for me, too! I'd like to make some hats and vests from what I catch.
Jump in here when you can, the sight will let me know when you've posted.
i think fur prices may do a bit better this year, but nothing to really make a living off of. just wanting to get out there and do it for myself more than anything. used to trap rat as a kid (musk that is), had a blast. seems there's a few boys down this way still doing it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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