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Can someone tell me something about the Fremont Humane Foot Snare and the M-15 Bear Foot Snare? And also does anyone know how to do a homemade 5 gal bucket type set up for the bears? I would need all the help I can get where im new to this type of thing, thanks
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Where is John Porter when you need him? John is a big time trapper that probably could answer that for ya. Hopefully he will peak his head in here.

I am sure there are other people that can help you.
Mad Jack and others will be around. Give them a few to get back with an answer. Usually if they don't know the answer they'll lead you somewhere where you can.
Well, I'm not a bear trapper so I have no idea on either of those rigs. But, I can lead you to John Porters trapping sight :

where you can chat with others with your same interests.
Please be sure to come back here and inform us all about what you found.

Thanks Jack!
Ok thanks Cap'n Jack Duggins i will go have a look, thanks again
bear trapping

Well you all wanted me to come back here to let you know what went on, on the site. Well I learned a few things i must say. I learned to keep raising caine there with the people, i dont like no one there, there trthe biggest buch of JOKES i ever seen, this should make you all feel better, this is a better site and the people here are nice and kind, atleast you all have not called me a poacher lol. I dont live in Maine, i live here in jackson co ohio but i dont see that this makes me a poacher at all, im just trying to pick up and learn a few things is all. I wont last on that site i will be banned but thats ok, i dont like it there anyways. Thanks to all you was willing to help me out. I will try not to poach all the bears when i come up to maine lol. later
Well if you all out of staters are poachers then we have a huge problem... :roflmao:

Did John give you a hard time?
It is unfortunate that you had a bad experience there. I know nothing of the site and in all honesty, I would not make a comment one way or the other about it or any other site. Personally it is none of my business.

I would like to think that all people who come to this forums and website - Maine Hunting Today and U.S. Hunting Today and all its affiliate sites - would be treated with common decency and respect.
I've seen a bucket set for Bear a couple of times. Where abouts are you located, and where are you planning on trapping? Ben Leblanc from Ben's Trading Post in P.I. uses that type of trap and has gotten some BIG bears doing it.
It appears the thread was deleted yesterday or earlier.
Some words were apparently misread or misunderstood and things went sour quickly.

cbbase30, the folks at maine trapping forum are much like folks here. They are serious about their hobby/livelyhood and are not a bunch of jokes. I would put my life in their hands. Please don't insult people when you do not know them.

Thank you.
I remember someone coming on The Maine Trapping site and asking questions like, Where was the best place to poach a bear? I didn't follow the thread, probably it did get deleted as this kind of talk sets off alarms as to who and why such questions are asked.
I like and go on John's site all the time and never have a problem with anyone.I really enjoy Dan Tanners site No Bullshit Trapping but its a hard site to join as they only allow people on it that they personaly know are not bullshiters.
Ain't no bullshitters here!!! Well, we do have to keep and eye on that MadJack fella! :smack:
I'm here & I get it as deep as it comes!
I never could get on Dan's site, don't know why. I don't lie, steal or cheat, don't drink . . . oh that's it! I dont drink so they won't let me in the club! LOL

Oh well!

OUCH, Tom, that hurts!
I don't drink either unless you count rootbeer.;) The only reason I can give you is Dan don't know who you are personly.
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