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Virgil came in the front door the other day from doing the chores and he no sooner got his cow-pooped boots over the stoop when Florena told him to go fix the outhouse.

"They ain't nuthin wrong with the outhouse. I was in it this morning," said Virgil.

"You just go on out to the outhouse and fix it, now!" yelled Florena.

So Virgil put on his coat and headed for the the outhouse. When he got inside he looked around a bit and then yelled back at the house, "They ain't nuthin wrong with this outhouse, Florena!"

"You got to stick your head down inside the hole!" Florena yelled.

"I ain't stickin my head in the outhouse hole," Virgil replied.

"Just stick your head in the damned whole and you'll see what the problem is," she demanded.

Reluctantly and slowly, Virgil stuck his head down into the hole and looked around but he saw nothing. When he attempted to bring his head up out of the hole, his beard got stuck in the crack of one of the boards. "Florena, come help get me outta this damned hole! My beard is stuck in the crack!" Virgil yelled.

"Now you know what's wrong with the outhouse!" she yelled back.
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