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Turkey Hunting in Maine?????????????

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Is there any yet? If so what are the rules and regulations? Do you buy tags over the counter or draw? Any deadlines for tags? Any non resident hunts?
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I don't know the answers to those questions but I'll find out. Now that I don't live in Maine, I haven't done much with turkey hunting but I can tell you the turkeys are healthy and growing in leaps and bounds. I see turkeys everywhere up here- even the feathered kind.
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This is what I know and understand about Turkey hunting in Maine.
Two seasons- spring and fall
Spring hunt is by permit only usually falls in May
Permits are by random draw-12,000 are issued. Drawing is in Feb applications available after Dec. 31

Fall season( archery only ) and is restricted to certain wildlife developement areas (too numerous to mention)
You have to purchase an archery license and once you have that you can purchase a permit for $10 residents-$40 for non-residents

Tagging is similar to deer or bear. Once you have killed a turkey you must attach a tag to it ( it is part of your license when you get your permit. It will have a detachable tag that you sign and attach to the animal) Then you must transport Turkey within 18 hours to a certified tagging station for inspection and there they place a metal "permenant" tag on it.

I hope I have answered most of your questions. If you like I can mail you a copy of the 2003 rules and regs for Maine book to you. If so give me your snail mail address and I would be happy.
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I'll get you a copy! They should be out by the first of the year.
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