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Turkey pic's

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I made these pic this moring near the house
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another pic from this morning
.................come on March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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GA Moose said:
I made these pic this morning near the house
I was in my truck with the new Canon camera i bought my wife for Christmas, she already had the zoom lens, i made about 12 pic's today several that i am going to have blown up...thanks
And far as calls, i was mouth calling today, and they were gobbling!!!!! :D , i use box calls, strikers ( i make striker's out of swamp hickory) and slate and mouth calls,...i really enjoy turkey hunting.
saw more turkeys today, 33 in one field.........saw these 4 gobblers with hens today around noon.......notice the fields are getting really green and the "butter cups" flowers are blooming............come on March>>>>>>>>>>>
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another pic i made this was getting late and in the shadows.........
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