Turkey Shoot, Rangeley

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  1. Rangeley Region Guides & Sportsmen's Association
    The Rangeley Region Guides’ and Sportsmen’s Association will be hosting its 5th Annual Turkey Shoot at the Club’s rifle and pistol range on Sunday, October 6th. Registration is from 10AM – 11AM. Competition will begin promptly at 11AM.

    Shooters will have the chance to win a turkey or a ham for the holidays. There will be opportunities for both big bore shooters as well as those who prefer .22 cal. rim fire guns. A novice competition will be held for shooters under the age of 16. Shooters will be staged with other shooters and will fire a single shot at a target. The shooter closest to the bull’s-eye for each round will win a gift certificate redeemable for a ham or a turkey. Entry fee will be $4 a round or 3 for $10. Enter as many times as you wish.
    There will be a .22 Cal. rifle and ammunition available for the rim fire division. Big Bore shooters must supply their own firearms and ammunition. Eye and ear protection, available at the range or bring your own, must be worn by all shooters.

    To get to the rifle and pistol range travel 5 miles west on Rt. 16 from Oquossoc then 1.5 miles north on the Morton Cutoff Road.
    So grab your guns, eye and ear protection and a box of ammunition (targets will be provided) and come on out for a fun day of shooting. For more information call 864-5582.

    I plan to be there, my kids want to shoot and maybe we can take home a turkey. :gitrdone:

  2. Fun>>>>

    Yes it was fun. We had about 45 shooters (21 of them were under 16 years old for the youth class and 3 of them were mine kids). There were to be 12 Turkey prizes and shooters were divided up accordingly. $4/ shot. I could buy 3 targets/relays and got 3 each for my kids. The shooting started and my family walked out with 4 certificates for the purchase of a turkey at the local IGA. I won all 3 of my relays and my 13 year old son won 1 of his relays. Four out of twelve prizes isn't too bad. The 10 year old twins have not shot standing unsupported yet so it was completely alien to them but they followed instructions and kept it on paper!!!

    It was a treasure to watch my son hear the announcement that he won his relay with his first shot. His chest swelled and he got this swagger in his walk. I think part of him wanted to yell, jump up and down but the other half of the "teenager" tried to play it down and be cool. FINE, I'll jump up and down for him!!!!!

    I tried to get some of the guys at work to go but (I think) they are afraid they will be embarrased if they don't perform extremely well in the public eye.

    The last time I shot at a Turkey Shoot, 1983-84, I was stationed at Pope AFB, NC. I went to watch the Black Powder Match in Fayetville and was invited to participate. They pulled folks left and right to get then on the firing line. That was the second time for me to ever fire a muzzleloader and first time to fire a "Flinch Lock". I was no where near placing but it was a blast.

    If you get a chance to attend a Turkey Shoot by all means do it.

    I reported my victories at the office and framed the bulls eye I shot (2nd relay). Now nobody wants to come out. I made the offer; if any of my co-workers will come and participatein the shoot next year, I will bring only my 1853 Enfield, 3 band, 58 caliber rifled musket. They can shoot whatever they want.

    I don't plan on getting back into C.W. re-enacting anytime soon or until I get back to a friendly, Confederate area of the country...
    I might remove the rear sight and fabricate an aperture or rear peep sight- something to think about.

    Another thought for a crowd pleasing rifle to bring out next time would be my zebra striped Rem 700 Safari in 416 rem Magnum.
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    My 10 year old daughter has been asking to go shooting. She wants to be ready this year for the turkey shoot. We went out and I made her shoot from the bench first to make sure the rifle is still zeroed. On paper I drew the sight picture..... At 15 yards she loads her T/C Hot Shot 22LR "Pink Camo" and fires two bullseyes. Move target to 25 yards, she tries standing but I want a couple more bench shots. Two more bullseyes. Ok, the range is yours. We had a couple of targets set up, a steel target at 25 and another at 50 yards. We got into the mechanics of standing shooting and she tightened up keeping it on the 25 yard steel. The groups opened up but she was working on it. Slow and steady worked but rushing sent fliers. We took breaks to prevent fatigue.

    A man and his grandson show up. The kid has never shot before. Grandpa sets him up but is looking down range for the shot. This kid is all over the rifle like a squirrel, at one point he had his open mouth on the butt pad trying to look down the sights. I stopped the kid and informed grandpa. Grandpa says you gotta' learn somehow. He lets the kid keep going...holding right handed but sighting with left eye, jerking the trigger with right and left index fingers at the same time. I HAD to get involved.

    My daughter knows the kid from school, he is one year younger. Grandpa says to my daughter, standing up shooting is hard, why are you doing that? She replied it's for the turkey shoot. They aren't going to let my Daddy shoot this year so I have to win the turkeys for the family. (One proud Daddy).

    I helped out that kid for several minutes and got him on paper at least. I think it annoyed grandpa because he doesn't know how to help a kid get started right. I thought it was all over when grandpa put up the 22LR rifle. I thought we might have the range to ourselves again...grandpa gets out a 243 rifle for the little kid. I asked if he thought that was a good idea? Sure, he'll be fine. I declared the line safe, retrieved our targets and hanging steel plates. Grandpa kindly waited until we loaded up and started driving out before he had the kid get on the 243 and let the lead fly.
  4. I get upset with this kind of blind leading the blind. The kid without decent training will end up getting hurt or accidentally shooting grandpa......
    No, they were only poor victims at the mercy of the EVIL GUN!!!!!!!!
    My kids school still preached "guns are bad and dangerous". My kids say, no, they are lots of fun to go shooting with my Dad. We shoot targets, steel plates, a foam coyote, civil war guns, old west guns... A teacher once said my oldest stretches the truth quite a bit. He says he has shot machine guns, can you imagine that? REPLY: Yes Ma'am, he has fired 2 or 3 different machine guns and only under my supervision, why? I have told him not to bring pictures or video of us shooting to school..........
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