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Turkeys Coming to Potato Land

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The coalition of everybody including his brother, finally worked out a plan that keeps enough people happy that more turkeys can be released in southern Aroostook County.
IFW people will be finding suitable habitat spots.

More here.
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I saw some last fall running across 2A in Linneus, and have seen more down towards Mattawamkeag. They're coming!
They have them in Sherman,Patten and alot in Medway. This might be a great opportunity for hunters but most farmers in the long run hate the TURKEY.
Yep, John, you got it! That's why I have my ADC certificate from the state for damage control. Farmers (especially potato farmers) hate the turkey! All that scratchin around and scaring up those spuds..... not good.

It's inevitable though. The turkey will migrate farther north whether IF&W plants them or not. At least they are telling us about it.
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