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UN Gun Conference a Total Disaster

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Yippee! The idiots in the UN who have made it perfectly clear their intensions of disarming Americans, had zero successs in promoting their BS at their recent conference in New York. I hope they go find some other oil for food program they can pilfer from. Like the old saying: "Go suck an egg!"
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Thats great news!!
I hope they all went home crying.
UN = Useless Nations

Or maybe Useless Nimrods...
Remington said:
UN = Useless Nations
I guess that must make us most worthless seeing how we provide the largest portion of their funding and their headquarters are here. Oh well, I figured that was the case a while ago.
U.S. is a large part of it yes. We should never have agreed to it. Annan is as useless as they come.
I think we have such a big part in the UN so when we go against what they say, they can't really do anything about it.
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