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Just read an interesting piece over on the BBB....listed at bottom of main page here on MHT....... "Ethics"...can't miss it.

Love this quote.....

"When you remove emotions, the elk debate is not about disease or hunting methods. It is about private property rights. Domestic elk do not belong to Idaho’s sportsmen any more than your neighbor’s cattle belong to you. Like livestock, domestic elk are born behind a fence, fed everyday by a rancher and are harvested behind a fence. Unlike cattle, when domestic elk escape it makes national news.
Who determines what is ethical or what constitutes fair chase? What is ethical to some people, such as trapping, may be unacceptable to others. While hunting with hounds may be perfectly acceptable to some, others may view that activity as not being fair chase.
Once someone opens up a public debate on the ethics or fair chase of a particular activity, such as domestic bull elk hunting, all other hunting methods are suceptical to the same debate. While some hunters are perfectly content sacrificing domestic elk ranching and domestic bull hunting in an attempt to save their particular hunting method, whom will these hunters turn to for help when the animal-rights groups come after their sport?
When looking at the big picture, hunters who are willing to sacrifice someone else to try to save themselves will be sealing the fate of hunting as we know it. Activists will have confirmation that “divide and conquer” works and hunters will see a wave of further attempts to eliminate hunting methods both at the Idaho State Capitol and through the citizen initiative process."

Erik A. Simpson

Now that is as clear and concise as anyone can write it..... United We Stand or divided we fall!!!
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